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Sep 12 - 6:20 pm]
8th grade.
cute huhh? haha i think this gon` be a good year [= i haven`t updated in 2345543x years, but no one updates ever anywho.


Nov 10 - 4:13 pm]
okayy so imma postt random pictures here only in this entryy ever so oftenn. instead of like using my photobuckett cuz like i HATEE photobucket. the pictures end up really small and grrr its not the way i wantt itt. ehhh lol (:

thiss droughtt bleeds on & we're dancing ferr rainn.Collapse )
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Nov 1 - 6:08 pm]
okay so halloween was THESHITTTTT. no doubt about it. soo wwent to nikki's house right afterr school with her mom & melissaa. chilled at her new housee then sam + desh came overr. we pigged out somee then went trick or treating. got a shitload of kickasss candyy and skatedd aroundd. then went back to nikkis & watched some degrassi and land of the dead and some otherr stuff too. went to bed blah blah blah. and oh yeahh .. our costumes were too coool (;


ehh hate thiss. i didnt finish uploading all of themm. theres WAYYY too manyy. if you want some of the ones i didnt upload tell me and ill upload them ferr you (:
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locked. [

May 6 - 6:53 pm]
friends only.
comment to be added.
add me first.
wait for me to add you.
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